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FreeCall is one of the popular telephony calls provider in the Gulf countries. In UAE many people use this free call service to make international and domestic calls. This service doesn’t provide free calling to many countries i.e. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Philippines etc.
As most of you know VOIP is still not allowed in UAE and Freecall website is even blocked to revent the users to download Frecall Dialer Software.There are various resellers who sells free call recharge coupons for 10 Eurose.
Now you can talk unlimited to your relatives and friends because FreeCall provides free international calls to many countries. Just go to their site and get further information HERE
Here is the list and for more information you can visit their site.
Argentina free*
Australia free*
Austria free*
Belgium free*
Canada free*
Czech Republic free*
Denmark free*
France free*
Germany free*
Hong Kong (+mobile) free*
Hungary free*
Ireland free*
Italy free*
Luxembourg free*
Malaysia free*
Netherlands free*
New Zealand free*
Norway free*
Poland free*
Portugal free*
Puerto Rico (+mobile) free*
Russian Federation [moscow] free*
Russian Federation [st Petersburg] free*
Singapore free*
Slovenia free*
Spain free*
Sweden free*
Switzerland free*
Taiwan free*
United Kingdom free*
United States (+mobile) free*

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aman anand said...

nice n gud job make free calls

Raja Zeeshan Ali said...

nice work

Fcall dotin said...

try for making free call in India

Dhwij Patel said...

hi all, this site is good but frequently i am using tringme to talk with my fiancee, who is in india. Wow! A very good combination of whatsapp, Viber and Skype for free calls. wat a voice clarity, i never feel that she too far from me.

Salman Khan said...

it vanish my confusion thank you so much for sharing. Please click on my site ……,

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